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Looking to reduce noise, increase security, improve energy efficiency and have greater control over the lighting and temperature in your home or office? If so, then window roller shutters are most certainly for you!

Residential & commercial window roller shutter installation

Lara Window Shutters specialise in supplying and installing commercial and residential window roller shutters in Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula. We have styles and colours to suit any home, office or shop front. Whether you have a modern coastal home or an older home where security is the priority, we cater to your needs.

All of our shutters are made specially to fit your windows, meaning nothing looks out of place and you have functional and appealing roller shutters you can depend upon, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Geelong-based residential & commercial roller shutter repair & maintenance experts

Whether you have an issue with your manual hand-wound roller shutters, have broken cabling that needs to be fixed or your electronic roller shutters are no longer operating as they should be, chances are we know how to fix them and at an affordable price, with a service that will leave a smile on your face!

Our service is focused on helping you get the most out of your window roller shutters for years to come, which is why we ensure quality is a priority from installation to the maintenance and repair of your window roller shutters.

Contact us today for a free measure and quote on our range of window roller shutters for your home or business. While based in Geelong, our team frequently travel to the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and beyond.


SEO Friendly Title: Commercial and residential roller shutters in Geelong

Lara Window Shutters are experts in installing, maintaining and servicing a variety of commercial and residential roller shutters in Geelong. We can provide home and business owners with high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing window shutters for their property or premises.

The advantages of window roller shutters

Why choose shutters, you might ask? Not only do shutters look great when installed, but they also provide your windows with added protection, whether from the elements or intruders. You’ll also benefit from greater lighting and heat control, as well as heightened privacy. Convinced as to the benefits? Let us run through the different types of window shutters we can offer you.

Commercial and residential window roller shutters

We can provide hand-wound or motorised window shutters for your home or business in a range of colours to suit your overall decor. These can be installed in the pelmet box or eaves, depending on what best suits your property.

We have shutters that suit the style of both older and more modern homes, whether you live in a home with stylish cladding facade or one with established brickwork, we have roller shutters that will complement the look and feel of your home.

When you enlist the services of Lara Window Shutters you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service possible.

Contact us for a free quote

Take advantage of our competitive rates, free quotes and good, old-fashioned customer-centric service today. Get started by calling us and we’ll send out one of our operatives to take a look at your property to install, maintain or service your residential or commercial roller shutters in Geelong.


SEO Friendly Title: Geelong roller shutter installation, maintenance & servicing

Lara Window Shutters are the go-to window roller shutter installation experts in Geelong, for windows for all sizes, we install both traditional and modern roller shutters. We provide a prompt, professional and friendly service, from the first initial consultation all the way through to the installation of brand new roller shutters, with our service also including a free measure and quote!

Our service doesn’t stop there, we can also carry out regular maintenance and repairs on all roller shutters, whether we’ve installed them or not.

Commercial and residential roller shutter installation

Look to increase your homes energy efficiency? Have greater control over lighting and temperature? Or want to effectively protect your business against intruders? The most effective way to achieve these things is by having your window roller shutters installed by a professional.

Roller shutter maintenance and repairs

If you have a problem with the window roller shutters at your home or business, the best thing you can do is to get in contact with our team, so we can send out an expert to promptly tend to your shutters. Whether you need regular maintenance carried out on your motorised roller shutters or urgent repairs of your window roller shutters in Geelong, our team are here to help.

Didn’t buy your roller shutters from Lara Window Shutters? If you did, you would know that we are always on-hand for any help you may need, but even if you didn’t, we can still carry out repairs or maintenance on your roller shutters. Contact us today to find out more.


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Here you can keep up with the Lara Window Shutters’ latest projects and news. We keep you updated with the latest in roller shutter technology, the benefits of roller shutters for your home or business and much more!


SEO Friendly Title: About Lara Window Shutters

Lara Window Shutters are experienced and dedicated window roller shutter providers in Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula. We install, maintain and repair both commercial and residential roller shutters, with our shutters made to fit the size of your window, with many colours and styles available.

Whether you’re looking to make your home or business more secure, save energy or have greater control over temperature and lighting, window roller shutters are an excellent choice.

Our shutters are made to fit your windows, are installed by experts and are made to last, whether you go for the manual hand-wound option or get a more modern, motorised shutter that is installed into the eaves of your home or business.

When it comes to high-quality products, reliable ongoing service – including roller shutter maintenance and repairs and industry leading customer service, you cannot go past Lara Window Shutters.

Contact us to find out more about our window roller shutter installations for Geelong homes and business, or for a free measure and quote!



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Products: Residential Shutters

SEO Friendly Title: Residential window roller shutters, Geelong

Lara Window Shutters have a range of excellent residential roller shutter options in Geelong to improve the security of your home. Available in a number of different colours to suit your existing decor and style, you’re certain to enjoy the wealth of benefits on offer.

What are the benefits of residential window roller shutters?

Not only do our roller shutters significantly reduce the amount of heat you experience in your home, but they will also give your home’s energy rating a boost. When closed, shutters offer excellent sound insulation, and in the summer it’s possible to open the windows but keep the panels shut. This means you can keep the heat from the sun out while letting air in.

Residential window shutters are perfect if you’re wanting a bit more privacy. Closed shutters cover the whole window, and when you adjust the louvres you let light in without making it easy for your neighbours to see inside your home. However, the biggest benefit is the greater security they provide compared to other window coverings. Although they aren’t widely adopted in home security systems, shutters are a great deterrent to thieves and burglars who take advantage of windows for easy break-ins.

Our residential window shutter options

Here at Lara Window Shutters, we can install hand-wound or electric shutters. Both have a number of advantages, so speak to a member of our team to discuss the best option for your needs. These shutters can also be installed in the eaves or pelmet box, we carry out residential window roller shutter installations throughout Geelong.

To find out more, simply get in contact with us. What are you waiting for? If you want to improve the security of your home or boost its aesthetic appeal, we can help.

Products: Commercial Shutters

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong commercial window roller shutters

There are many notable reasons why external commercial roller shutters are important for any business in Geelong. One significant benefit is security, and there is great peace of mind in knowing that your business is protected from break-ins from intruders.

Window shutters from Lara Window Shutters are difficult for intruders to remove or destroy because of how closely they are fitted to the window.

Tempted intruders will have great difficulty prying away our strong window shutters, and they are also a great visual deterrent.  We have found that the mere sight of our strong, secure commercial and residential roller shutters installed in Geelong is often enough to send a potential intruder elsewhere. Window shutters are especially beneficial for shops, where break-ins may be more common and a greater concern.

The benefits of our roller shutters for your business

As well as protecting against intruders, our window shutters will shield you from the heat of Australian summers and the cold of our winters. Under extreme temperatures, our window shutters can improve energy efficiency within your shop or office because of the insulation they provide.

External roller shutters will protect from the wild Australian weather all year round, creating energy savings of up to 40% for your business.

As a further benefit, window shutters can add privacy to your business if needed, and are available in a variety of colours to suit the exterior look of your shop or office.

For offices and shops where staff comfort and focus is key, our window shutters provide an excellent noise barrier from the blaring outside world. When installed securely, whether in the pelmet box or eaves, our window shutters have the potential to reduce noise from the exterior environment by up to 75%.

Get in touch with us today!

Lara Window Shutters can install commercial roller shutters over windows in various sizes throughout Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast region. With both hand-wound or motorised window roller shutter options available to suit customer tastes.

Window roller shutters are hardy and low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for business owners who are wanting peace of mind.  Our team can also carry out roller shutter repairs and servicing to ensure you never have to worry about the security of your business again. Get in contact with us today for a free measure and quote.

Services: Installation

SEO Friendly Title: Geelong roller shutter installation

If you’ve made the sensible decision to have window roller shutters installed at your Geelong home or business, then we can make sure you have high-quality roller shutters fitted to your windows, installed by our experienced and talented team.

When we install window roller shutters residentially or commercially, we take a long-term approach, we want to make sure that any shutters we install are going to fulfill your requirements when it comes to look, security, saving energy, light and temperature control for years to come.

Window roller shutters made to fit your home or business

As part of our initial consultation and quoting process, one of our friendly team members will come out to your home or business and measure your windows, then we will discuss what options would best suit you. When you have roller shutters installed by Lara Window Shutters in Geelong, you can guarantee that they have been made to fit your window.

Whether you have an older home and are interested in a more traditional shutter, or have large office windows and what them to have a more modern look and feel, while still offering unparalleled security, we can provide a prompt, cost-effective installation service that will have your roller shutters up and running in no time.

Having an expert install your roller shutters in ensure that they have been fitted and installed correctly, meaning you can sleep safe knowing your roller shutters are operational and their to stay! Whether you have manual or motorised window roller shutters, our installation process has been proven time and time again for hundreds of clients of all sizes.

If something does go wrong with your roller shutters, we can also provide you with window roller shutter maintenance and repairs in Geelong, get in contact with our team today to find out more.

Services: Maintenance & Repairs

SEO Friendly Title: Window roller shutter maintenance & repairs, Geelong

One of the many reasons people choose to have window roller shutters installed at their home or business is because they’re durable – and have been for decades. But what happens if something goes wrong? If you have an issue with your roller shutters, we can help!

We can carry out urgent roller shutter repairs in Geelong, providing you with a reliable service that you can depend upon every time. Even if your roller shutter haven’t been installed by Lara Window Shutters, we’re still happy to help.

Types of roller shutter repairs

While most roller shutters are built to last, there are still some elements that may need to be repaired after a certain period of time, depending on how the roller shutters have been maintained, how they were installed, the age of the shutter and the frequency of use.

Some of the common repairs we carry out on residential and commercial roller shutters in Geelong include repairing or replacing broken cables, repairing the winder or electronic system in the pelmet box or swapping over a manual hand-wound system to an electric one.

Why roller shutter maintenance is important

Window roller shutters are highly effective because they are hard for people to pry open to access the vulnerable windows underneath, but it also makes it easier for dirt, dust and creepy crawlies to accumulate, either on your shutters or hidden away in the pelmet box.

As part of our regular maintenance service we can ensure your window roller shutters are clean and operating optimally, identifying any potential signs of wear and tear and ensuring your manual or electric winding system is working as it should be.

Contact us to find out more about our roller shutter maintenance and repair services, or to obtain a free quote. Our team are also the go-to provider of residential and commercial window roller shutter installation in Geelong.

Services: Quoting

SEO Friendly Title: Quoting

At Lara Window Shutters we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products matched by unforgettable service. Looking at installing roller shutters for your home or business, or need a roller shutter repaired? Our team can come out and provide you with a free measure and quote to ensure our services fit your budget. As part of our service we will also work with you to find the ideal window roller shutter for your needs, ensuring it matches both your practical and style requirements.

Contact us today for a free measure and quote in Geelong and the surrounding area, including Lara, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula.


5 benefits of having window roller shutters installed at your home in Geelong

When it comes to finding the ideal window covering option for your home, there are many different types available, all offering different pros and cons. When home owners choose to have window roller shutters installed in Geelong by our experts, here are 5 benefits that they will receive for years to come:

1. Increased security

With crime a real concern for many home owners, you want to choose a window covering that ensures you and your family are protected from intruders. This is where window roller shutters shine, roller shutters, when installed correctly, completely cover your windows and help to deter criminals from attempting to break into your home.

You windows are the most vulnerable part of your home, window roller shutters stop them from being accessed by intruders.

2. Greater control over lighting and temperature

Window roller shutters allow you to dictate how much light and heat has access to your windows, being that they are an external window covering. This is a huge advantage when it comes to controlling the light and temperature of your home. In the more mild months you can open them to let the sunlight in and in the cooler months you can close them to keep warm air inside your house.

No window covering allows you to block out light better than window roller shutters, they’re perfect if you like a sleep in or work night shifts!

3. Save money on your energy bill

In the warmer months, you can block out the sun and keep your home cool, meaning there’s no need to rack up a ridiculous energy bills due to having your air conditioner on full-blast all summer. In the colder months, you can stop precious warm air from escaping through your windows, meaning you don’t need to use as much heating.

It’s simple, window roller shutters prevent you from experiencing dreaded bill shock.

4. Are made to suit any home

When you contact Lara Window Shutters, we come out to you and provide you with a free measure and quote, meaning you’re guaranteed to have a roller shutter that fits windows of all sizes. We also have roller shutters available in a variety of colours and styles, made to suit both older and modern homes.

5. Low maintenance

Window roller shutters require very little maintenance, whether you have a manual or electronic roller system. If you’re not sure how to maintain your shutters, get in contact with our team. We can also come out to you to provide you with regular maintenance for an affordable price.

The benefits of installing window roller shutters at your Geelong home are endless! Give us a call to get a free measure and quote today.