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Window roller shutter maintenance & repairs, Geelong

One of the many reasons people choose to have window roller shutters installed at their home or business is because they’re durable – and have been for decades. But what happens if something goes wrong? If you have an issue with your roller shutters, we can help!

We can carry out urgent roller shutter repairs in Geelong, providing you with a reliable service that you can depend upon every time. Even if your roller shutter haven’t been installed by Lara Window Shutters, we’re still happy to help.

Types of roller shutter repairs

While most roller shutters are built to last, there are still some elements that may need to be repaired after a certain period of time, depending on how the roller shutters have been maintained, how they were installed, the age of the shutter and the frequency of use.

Some of the common repairs we carry out on residential and commercial roller shutters in Geelong include repairing or replacing broken cables, repairing the winder or electronic system in the pelmet box or swapping over a manual hand-wound system to an electric one.

Why roller shutter maintenance is important

Window roller shutters are highly effective because they are hard for people to pry open to access the vulnerable windows underneath, but it also makes it easier for dirt, dust and creepy crawlies to accumulate, either on your shutters or hidden away in the pelmet box.

As part of our regular maintenance service we can ensure your window roller shutters are clean and operating optimally, identifying any potential signs of wear and tear and ensuring your manual or electric winding system is working as it should be.

Contact us to find out more about our roller shutter maintenance and repair services, or to obtain a free quote. Our team are also the go-to provider of residential and commercial window roller shutter installation in Geelong.

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